Here are some things you need to know in order to protect yourself from being scammed.

1.) There is NO such thing as "free money." If anyone offers you free money, you should automatically consider him/her a scammer.

2.) No one works for me. I work alone. If anyone says they work for me and have selected you as a winner of some prize, they are lying.

3.) Never, ever give out your email address to anyone on internet , unless you know them personally.

4.) A scammer usually starts by telling you that he/she is looking for a soulmate, they try to sweet talk to you and make you feel special. Sometimes they even claim to be part of a church group or whatever. Don’t fall for their nonsense!

5.) Again, there is NO SUCH THING AS FREE MONEY! A scammer usually asks for your home address, then they send you a fake check which looks real but it’s not. They want you to deposit the check at your bank (usually around $3,000) and want you to send him/her 90% cash and you keep 10% cash for "helping out."