What information is required to lodge a complaint?

  • If you are a victim of hacking

    Bring the following information
      • Server Logs
      • Copy of defaced web page in soft copy as well as hard copy format, if your website is defaced
      • If data is compromised on your server or computer or any other network equipment, soft copy of original data and soft copy of compromised data.
      • Access control mechanism details i.e.- who had what kind of the access to the compromised system
      • List of suspects – if the victim is having any suspicion on anyone.
      • All relvant information leading to the answers to following questions –
        • what ? (what is compromised)
        • who? (who might have compromised system)
        • when?(when the systme was compromised)
        • why?(why the system might have been compromised)
        • where?(where is the impact of attack-identifying the target system from the network)
        • How many?(How many systems have been compromised by the attack)
  • If your are a victim of e-mail abuse, vulgur e-mail etc.

    Bring the following information-
      • Extract the extended headers of offending e-mail (If you do not know how to extract header please refer to section 1 of this FAQ).
      • Bring soft copy as well hard copy of offending e-mail.
      • Please do not delete the offending e-mail from your e-mail box.
      • Please save the copy of offending e-mail on your computers hard drive.