Campaign on WI-FI SECURITY


To maintain internal security and safety of the nation, public and their property, below mentioned guidelines must be followed by all internet users and establishments.

An expert team from Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, Crime Branch, CID, Mumbai in association with NASSCOM would visit and check all public, private and Govt. institutions like Govt. offices, Schools, Colleges, Factory, Company, Banks etc. to educate internet users about WI-FI (Wireless Fidelity) Security.

1)        Router should always be located at the centre of the working place and never near windows and door.

2)        Range of a router should be limited. (eg. If the area of office is 1000 sq.ft., then range of the router should not exceed 500 sq.ft.)

3)        Always switch off the internet/router when not in use.

4)        Keep wireless router password protected and not to keep on default setting.

5)        Also change the user ID of the router.  It should never be by default.  This will help to deny access to stranger laptops & desktops. Change the password of router quarterly/half yearly.

6)        The desktops and laptops which are being used on the router in the specific office must enter their MAC addresses by which will ensure that stranger laptop or desktop will be unable to get an access of internet facility.

7)        Keep log records of any stranger MAC ID which is trying to attack your network.

8)        Limited access to authorized user to share confidential file, folder and printer sharing facility.

9)        Assign different internal I.P. address to each MAC ID.

10)     Make use of advanced and genuine software and hardware to protect router as well as internet security.

11)     As the router has limited inbuilt capacity to store the log data, it is necessary to keep daily backup on CD, DVD or any other storage media.