Hacker hacks into a financial website

        Mumbai poilce have arrested a hacker by name Kalpesh (name change)  for hacking into a financial website. Although the hacker couldn’t break into the main server of the financial institution, which was well secured by the financial institution. The accused person could make some addition to the home page of the financial website and has added a string of text to the news module of the home page of the website. Police were able to crack the case by following the trace left by the hacker on the web server of the financial institution. The financial institution has maintained a separate server for financial online transactions, for which utmost security has been taken by the fianancial institution. The website was hosted on a different server which comparatively had lesser security.

      The hacker Kalpesh (name changed) is a 10th Pass youngster of 23 years old. He has done computer courses like CCNA, MCSE etc. But he is a computer addict. He sits before the computer for almost 16 to 20 times each day. He has mostly used the readymade hacking tools, to hack into any website. He goes to a particular website on the web, which facilitates him to see the entire directory structure of that website. Then using various techniques, such as obtaining a password file, he gets into the administrator’s shoes and hacks the website.

       A case has been registered against the hacker under section 67 of Information Technology Act – 2000 and under various sections of Indian Penal Code.