Case of Phishing

           One financial Institute registered a crime stating  that some persons (“perpetrators”) have perpetrated certain acts through misleading emails ostensibly emanating from ICICI Bank’s email ID. Such acts have been perpetrated with an intent to defraud the Customers.
        The Investigation was carried out with help of those emails received by the customers of that financial Institute and arrested the accused , the place of offence at Vijaywada  was searched for the evidence . There one Lap Top and Mobile Phone was seized which was used for the commission of the crime
         The arrested accused had used open source code email application software for sending spam emails. He has down loaded the same software from net and then used it as it is.
          He used only VSNL emails to spam the email to customers of financial Institute because VSNL email service provider do not have spam box to block the unsolicited emails.
          After spamming emails to financial Institute customers he got the response from around 120 customers of which 80 are genuine and others are not correct because it do not have debit card details as required for e-banking.
          The financial Institute customers those who have received his email felt that the email was originated from the financial Institute bank. When they filled the confidential information and submitted that time said information was directed to accused. This was possible because the dynamic link was given in the first page (Home page) of the fake web site. The dynamic link means when people click on the link provided in spamming email that time only the link will be activated. The dynamic link was coded by handling the Internet Explorer onclick() event and the information of the form  will be submitted to the web server (Where the fake web site is hosted). Then server will send he data to configured email address and in this case email configured was to the accused email .  So on submission of the confidential information the information was directed to email ID accused email .The all the information after fishing (user name, password, Transaction password, Debit card Number and PIN, mothers maiden name) which he had received through Wi-Fi internet connectivity of which was available on his Acer Lap Top.

         This crime has been registered u/s U/Sec. 66 of IT Act, sec 419, 420, 465, 468, 471 of  I.P.C r/w Sections 51, 63 and 65 of Copyright Act, 1957 which attract the punishment of 3 years imprisonment and fine up to 2 lacs rupees which accused never thought of .